APS Nutrition - Mesomorph - Ultimate Pre-Workout Complex - 388g

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  • New version of one of the most well-known pre-workouts in the World
  • Lack of the effect of “comedown” known from the previous versions
  • Extreme increase of physical efficiency
  • Improves well-being to a large extent
  • Causes extreme muscle pump

APS Mesomorph is a dietary supplement, incredibly increasing training abilities. Every gym adept has heard about the original version of the product and the comparison “it works like a mesomorph” has been used until today as the confirmation of the best-quality pre-workout products.

A large problem in the original version were frequently reported “comedowns”, which appeared a few hours after the application. It was most probably the effect of DMAA (geranium). The producer tried to meet the expectations of the clients and changed the formula which is as effective as the previous version, but at the same time it does not cause unnecessary drops in well-being.

In the new version of the product we will find:
Beta-alanine – it is a derivative of one of amino acids – alanine. It is an ingredient which mainly affects the increase of training efficiency. Its main mechanism consists in increasing the level of carnosine in muscles, which counteracts excessive acidification of muscles during training. It should be borne in mind that the high level of muscle acidification is one of the main causes of muscle pain and lack of strength, especially instantaneous, which is necessary in high-intensity exercises (for example in hard fights or intervals).

Beta-alanine also demonstrates affinity to the nervous system. It decreases the feeling of fatigue and indirectly works like an antioxidant. It is also indicated in the studies that beta-alanine may increase the growth of dry body mass.

L-citrulline malate – a derivative of one of the main amino acids, supporting nitrogen balance in the organism, the activity of which positively influences the increase of effort abilities and the improvement of health of the circulatory system.

When it comes to increasing training efficiency, this mechanism is based on intensifying the production of ATP (the basic energy carrier in the organism) and improving the efficiency of its utilization. It may influence the growth of strength even by 20%.

By interfering with the metabolism of nitrogen, citrulline influences the improvement of circulation in the organism and the decrease of its pressure.

Additionally, it is indicated that citrulline may activate mTOR pathway (responsible for the synthesis of muscle proteins). It also positively influences cognitive abilities and counteracts oxidative damages. It also increases the secretion of the growth hormone after training.

Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate – has similar influence as citrulline on proper nitrogen metabolism in the organism. Its activity is based mainly on the fact that it is used as a precursor of nitric oxide.

It improves training efficiency by increasing the effectiveness of oxygen utilization during effort. It also improves blood supply to muscles and the circulation of nutrients in the organism, the key mechanisms to maintain proper endurance.

By increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the organism, it influences proper blood flow and its oxygenation, which is essential to maintain proper health of the circulatory system.

Research also indicates that it may increase post-workout secretion of hormones and positively influence weight loss.

Interestingly, arginine also influences the nervous system. It influences memory improvement by supporting the signalization between neurons and may regulate the creation of neurons. It also decreases fatigue. It is indicated that the product may be used not only in physical effort, but also intellectual activities.

Creatine (in two forms – dicreatine malate and creatine nitrate) – one of the most effective ingredients in supplementation. Creatine is responsible mainly for energy balance of the organism. In the organism it is most often stored in the form of phosphocreatine, which by having high-energy phosphate bonds is able to secrete energy during effort. However, this mechanism positively influences the majority of the functions of the organism.

When it comes to increasing efficiency, it boosts the pool of energy that we may use during effort, which considerably influences the increase of endurance (in the studies, the increase of strength amounted to more than 70% in comparison to the placebo group). It increases the growth of muscles (the decrease of the activity of myostatin), increases the volume of muscle tissue (which may influence the increase of muscle volume even by 10%!). It also has anticatabolic effect and quickly restores muscle tissue during rehabilitation processes.

However, this is not the end. As it was mentioned earlier, creatine influences almost every system in the organism:
In the nervous system – it has neuroprotective effect on toxic glutamate, decreases the accumulation of toxins, which could lead to neuron degradation and it also influences proper intensity of neurotransmitter creation. It may also influence the improvement of well-being.

In the circulatory system – it works against the creation of the states of ischemia and hypoxia. It also has protective effect against homocysteine (the excessive amount of which may cause cardiac infractions), by taking part in the processes of methylation. It also improves lipid profile.

In the skeletal system – it positively influences the growth and differentiation of bone cells, may increase bone density and counteract arthritis.

In the hormonal system – it improves the secretion of the growth hormone and influences even more the level of androgens.

In the immune system – it has a widely understood antioxidant, protective effect.

It also improves insulin-dependent metabolism.

We should also additionally mention the forms appearing in the product. Dicreatine malate is better-soluble than simple monohydrate, it is also more effective (there are smaller losses of the active substance on its way through the stomach), while creatine nitrate is a derivative of nitrate, which after the breakdown is another ingredient, positively influencing the metabolism of nitric oxide, improving the effect of muscle pump, effort efficiency and having protective influence on the circulatory system.

L-Taurine – increases training efficiency, especially oxygen. It may contribute to decreasing muscle pain. By its activity in the nervous system, it also decreases the feeling of fatigue.

It also works like an antioxidant, especially when it comes to the protection of hormones and the circulatory system.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – has influence mainly as a protective factor during effort. As widely known, we are more prone to infections during training, especially during exercises in the open air. After exceptionally intensive training sessions, vitamin C decreases the risk of infection even by a half. Therefore, it is an incredibly important factor for people with naturally low immunity.

Creatinol O-Phosphate  – synthetic analogue of creatine, used mainly in order to protect the circulatory system. Despite the similarities to the above, this compound should be discussed separately, as it fulfills different functions.

It is indicated that it demonstrates prominent cardioprotective influence on cell damages (lesions), as well as in case of rehabilitation of the heart muscle. It is also suspected that it positively influences problems related to arrhythmia.

Agmatine sulfate – positively influences the nervous system and nitrogen metabolism (demonstrating 100 times (!) higher affinity than citrulline or arginine in the context of nitric oxide production).

It generally influences the improvement of psychological well-being. It increases the secretion of endorphins, improves signalization of serotoninergic receptors (serotonin is colloquially called the hormone of happiness), it also decreases the feeling of pain (thanks to the above mentioned endorphins). It also has neuroprotective effect and increases sensitivity to stimulants.

It is considered the best compound influencing muscle pump and there are good reasons to believe so. Thanks to the large affinity in the context of nitric oxide production, it considerably increases muscle pump, much more effectively than citrulline or arginine. Thanks to the same effect, it also has protective influence on the circulatory system.

Agmatine also works like an antioxidant.

Glucuronolactone – demonstrates cardioprotective effect, preventing oxidative or nitrative damages of lipoproteins in the blood circulation. It also works against platelet clotting. It may also contribute to decreasing fatigue in long-lasting effort.

Methylxanthine (caffeine) anhydrous -  one on the most effective stimulating substances. It considerably increases aerobic and anaerobic efficiency. It may also influence the increase of maximal strength.

When it comes to the nervous system, it decreases the perception of pain, mitigates fatigue (both these effects are caused by the influence on adenosine receptors) and improves general well-being (increases the secretion of serotonin). In moderate doses, it decreases general blood pressure and has antioxidant influence on the cells of the nervous system.

Senegalia berlandieri extract – is a replacement ingredient for DMAA, which demonstrates similar effect, but with no side-effects.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) and its derivatives are responsible for the activity of the extract. These compounds are characterized by the so-called “PEA skeleton” (five-atom fragment of a molecule joint with nitrogen. It is a directly bioactive part).

The sole PEA demonstrates exceptional influence on the nervous system, considerably increasing the secretion of hormones related to well-being (dopamine, serotonin). It also has antioxidant effect and may decrease the level of prolactin.

In this product we will fine both phenylethylamine (Beta-phenylethylamine) and its 4 derivatives: Methylsynephrine, N-methyl-B-phenylethylamine, N-Methyl-Beta-Methylphenylethylamine and N,N-dimethyl Beta-phenylethylamine.

The question arises, why do we need so many substances? Isn’t it better do add only PEA? Well, the problem here is the effective time of activity.

Sole PEA demonstrates wonderful properties supporting good mood. However, in normal form they last only around 5 minutes (it’s all due to the already mentioned PEA skeleton, which has no cover in the form of methyl groups and is quickly degraded by the MAO enzyme). Due to this, in the names of the derivatives there is often the part “methyl” – the PEA skeleton is protected by methyl groups against excessively quick degradation.

The difference between the famous 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA) is similar. There was also the PEA skeleton, however, it was protected so well that the prolonged degradation influences the problems in the dopaminergic system (the popular “comedown”),

Theobromine – a substance obtained from coca tree. It demonstrates a stimulating effect, similar to caffeine. It decreases blood pressure, increases the degree of blood oxygenation by accelerating heart rate, which additionally influences the effect of widening of blood vessels, i.e. the muscle pump.

Naringin – an ingredient obtained from citrus fruits, responsible for the characteristic bitter teste of grapefruit and skins of other citrus fruits. It increases the level of metabolic transformations (it activates AMPK, which leads to the increase of AMP), which is important in body mass control and maintaining proper efficiency. It also demonstrates high antioxidant activity.

Isopropylnorsynephrine hydrochloride – is a molecule demonstrating the activity of synephrine, however, thanks to the modification of the structure, it is much more bioactive, which intensifies the basic activity.

It is mainly responsible for increasing the pace of metabolic processes and lipolysis, at the similar level to ephedrine (both these substances are antagonists of beta-adrenergic receptors) and most importantly, it does not influence excessive blood pressure. Therefore it helps in reducing adipose tissue.

To sum up, APS Mesomorph is one of very few products, in which a new formula does not mean a worse product. The producer made a lot of effort to withhold forbidden geranium and offer in exchange a product not only with equally effective activity stimulating physical efficiency and improving mood, but also decreasing at the same time unbeneficial side-effects.  It is an undisputed leader of pre-workout products available on the market.