Condemned Labz - Convict Limited Edition

Condemened Labz have developed a pre workout which deserves a category of its own! Convict Stim is quite possibly the strongest pre workout you will ever experience

A powerful potent blend of optimally dosed ingredients have been put together to deliver;

> Insane muscle pumps and vasodilation

> Unrivalled energy levels 

> A level of focus you've never experienced 

> Enough endurance to train all day!


Lets take a closer look at some of the components of the the Condemned Labz Convict Stim and why it is such a powerful formula;

4,000mg of L-Citrulline - First off we should point out that this is L-Citrulline and not Citrulline Malate so it is 100% L-Citrulline powder to deliver its full effect. L-Citrulline has the unique ability to convert to arginine through a process in the kidneys and peaks arginine levels in the body better than supplementing arginine itself! The higher our blood arginine levels are the better the nitric oxide levels become. L-Citrulline is by far one of the most powerful NO boosters out there!

2500mg of Beta Alanine - The perfect amino acid to be consumed pre workout, beta alanine has the unique ability to increase carnosine levels in the muscle. This will in turn promote an optimal ph balance for the muscles to work at their most effective. This is down to delaying the onset of lactic acid which is a by-product of hard working muscles which can make you feel so fatigued during your sessions. Beta Alanine will ensure lactic acid is delayed allowing you to train with much higher intensity for longer periods

225mg of 2-Aminoisoheptaine - The latest stimulant to take the supplement industry by storm. This powerful stimulant will take your level of focus to another level and will give you the mindset for PB after PB's!

500mg L-Tyrosine - This anti stress amino acid will ensure mental focus is kept throughout your workout and will prevent any type of crash which is all too common in cheap, over stimulated pre workout formulas on the market today

5mg of Bioperine - An extract from black pepper which acts as the cherry on the top to the Convict Stim blend. Bioperine acts as an uptake agent and will ensure all the ingredients included in Convict Stim are absorbed and utilised to the max!