Dark Labs Devil Test

Dark Labs Devil Test – 120 capsules Dark Labs Devil Test is a complex testosterone booster – ideal for those seeking to elevate their testosterone levels effectively with unique and well-dosed compounds designed for hardcore results. It is well known and documented natural testosterone levels naturally dip once you hit around 30 years of age. To stop this assault on your natural testosterone levels it’s recommended to supplement with compounds that are known to enhance the production of testosterone. Devil test will bring about destruction to elevated estrogen levels and optimize cortisol levels leading to dramatic increases in testosterone which ultimately lead to gains. The compounds which make Devil Test so unique and potent are Fadogia Agrestris & Bulbine Natalensis, both have shown promising results in naturally elevated testosterone levels and assist with sexual performance. KSM66® is added into the mix to reduce cortisol levels which is ideal as it directly reduces estrogen levels making this a great addition to continuously boost testosterone whilst minimizing estrogen. Resveratrol is another unique addition as it has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help fight against diseases like diabetes and cancer. Other additions include Horny Goat Weed, Mucuna Puriens and Longjack Extract that all have promise in elevating testosterone levels. With so many compounds Bioperine® is added to assist with product absorption and utilization. Simply this isn’t your regular “test booster” but for the hardcore user seeking extreme results. Benefits – Muscle Gain – Strength – Sex Drive – Recovery – Performance – Increases Testosterone Levels – Regulates Cortisol Levels – Minimizes Estrogen – 1 month Supply