Dark Labs Tudca Liver Protection

TUDCA, Tauroursodeoxycholic acid – is a bile acid derivative that occurs naturally in the body. It’s been used therapeutically in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, mainly for hepatic and biliary disorders.

We only make small amounts of this compound in our body, but this bile salt actually influences many bodily functions, from the brain to the kidneys to eye health and more!

TUDCA IS FDA certified for the treatment of liver diseases such as cholestasis. TUDCA can assist the body in restoring and increasing bile production.

The main benefit TUDCA is known for is improving liver health & function.
Improvements in liver health are what makes TUDCA so appealing to users of anabolic substances, especially oral anabolic substances and even those using prohormones. These substances have a negative effect on our liver health and function which is why supplementing with TUDCA is essential and ultimately necessary. Studies have also shown improvements in both muscle and liver insulin sensitivity as well as a positive effect on thyroid health.

– Improved liver function and health.
– Essential for users of Anabolics and/or Prohormones.
– No side effects at the correct dosing.
– Deemed safe long term.
– Positive effects on insulin sensitivity and – Thyroid health.

Research on TUDCA has shown it to be effective in adults using doses between 250-1500 MG. Dark Labs TUDCA contains 250mg per capsule.
DO NOT EXCEED 1500 mg per day.