PEScience Prolific Pre-Workout

PEScience Prolific Pre-Workout 280g (All-Flavours)

From one of our favourite brands in the Mix, we have SO MUCH love for the guys at PEScience, another incredible supplement, well put together, well presented, does what it's supposed to and of course tastes out of this world!! A formulation that has clearly been thought out, tested and created with all the love and passion without any 'grey-area' ingredients.

So where to start on this stuff?! WELL we're sure you guys have heard of or used PEScience Alphamine? A nice clean buzz of energy, awesome flavours, dose it up as desired etc, well Prolific is the NEXT step!! With a complex of two caffeines varieties, while the dose of caffeine isn't scary high, it doesn't need to be because the way this stuff is formulated means these two varieties of caffeine PLUS the other ingredients (which we'll get on to) REALLY seems to do the trick!! No over-dosing on the caffeine leading to crashes, jitters etc, just perfect clean performance focused energy!!

Not only does Prolific provide ultimate focus and energy, it is also stands to be a truly awesome pump product too!! Prolific is formed based upon 'Mind Muscle Connection' based on NOT being a one trip-pony, NOT the pre-workout you use and by the end of the tub you're considering whether there is ANY point in taking it, instead from first scoop to last you feel the full effects each and every time!! Prolific is designed not only to give you a burst of energy and an awesome pump - it's created with your actual workout in mind!! Designed with the idea of EVERY cylinder being fired mind, muscle, body marrying together to enhance your workout!!

Our preferred dosage AND suggested dose - two scoops, but dose as required, assess tolerance and reap the rewards!! Two scoops contains 6g of L-Citrulline beating any other pre-workout and pump stack going - ultimate pump, best workout yet?! Not feeling wired an hour after our workout?! Yes, yes and yes!!

Yes they've put in ALL the good stuff and left out the extra 'additional's' the things that we can decide whether for our personal preference we want or need them in our pre/intra-workout concoctions!!

With a whole host of awesome flavours we can't get enough - Cotton Candy (our favourite), Mango, Sunrise & Raspberry Lemonade!! A flavour for everyone, a truly new and innovative creation from PEScience (of course it is), we had no doubt this stuff was going to be something to talk about, something worth making a fuss of and now a staple for the whole team!!