Outangled Fame Pre Workout

This product is a dietary supplement, specifically formulated as a pre-workout powder for gym users, primarily designed for weight training enthusiasts (bodybuilding).
A ready to mix powder with caffeine, amino acids, alkaloids, sweetener, and flavour.
We only use superior ingredients which we believe are beneficial to have in a pre-workout drink. The amounts of each ingredient are of benefit to help enhance: Focus, Energy, & Muscle Pumps.

We have chosen a universal ingredient panel, each ingredient with its own proposed mechanism of action based on key research which in turn incorporates scientific studies and consumer demand.

Our pre-workout focuses on optimising energy and nitric oxide neurotransmitters. Our aim is to stimulate neuronal release of norepinephrine and increase muscle sympathetic nerve activity. The result should be the desired effect, energy surplus and muscle pumps via nitric oxide production for your gym session.